Douven Staul: A scholar and archaeologist. First heard about in Fallcrest when the PCs set out to recover a dragon hide that he had sent to the emissaries of the Raven Queen. Later, rescued by the party from Agrid the gnome at the dragon burial site. He gave the PCs his wife's locket as payment for his rescue.

Agrid the Gnome: Nemesis of the party at the dragon burial site. Defeated by the party and taken back to Winterhaven and to jail.

 Salvana Wrafton: Owner of Wrafton's Inn.

Eilian the Old: A very old storytelling man who mainly hangs out at Wrafton's Inn. Has a farm down in the King's Road Valley, but mainly sits and drinks and tells of the old days. 

Valthrun the Prescient: A sage and scholar who lives in a tower. Sometimes seen at Wrafton's Inn.

Lord Padraig: Lord of Winterhaven. An amiable fellow who likes to hang out with his subjects at Wrafton's. By most accounts, a good lord. He is sometimes a bit frustrated with the wait-and-see attitudes of the townsfolk. Hires the party to clear our a kobold infestation in the nearby forest.

Ninaran: An elven huntress who infrequently visits Winterhaven. She tells the party of the men in black robes she saw headed under a waterfall near where the kobolds are supposed to lair.

Thair Coalstriker: The dwarven smith of Winterhaven .


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