By the Books

To Winterhaven
Session 2

Winterhaven, Day 1 

The second session found the characters staring down the kobolds from the first session. The battle on the road went quickly, although the characters were surprised to learn that these kobolds threw fire instead of glue and were much harder to pin down, especially the ones with the dragonscale shields.

In town, the characters headed for the nearest inn (Wrafton's). There they met Salvana Wrafton, the inn proprietor, and a few of the locals, including Eilian the Old, a taciturn huntress names Ninaran, and eventually even Lord Padraig, the lord of Winterhaven. The group asked questions about hints of a death cult, and only Ninaran proved helpful, telling the group that she had "seen some men in black robes going up behind a waterfall with some kobolds."

They also spread the word about the kobold attacks. This got them in conversation with Lord Padraig who said that he had been worried about the kobolds for a while, but  the townsfolk didn't see it as a major concern. However, he would gladly pay the group 100gps if they were willing to track down the kobolds' lair and take care of the problem. The party agreed.

On the front of finding Douve Staul, the party also ran into a number of roadblocks, with many people seeming to have never heard of him. The innkeeper, Salvana, did vaguely recall him, but she said he went out one day and never returned. Eilian proved more helpful, recalling that Staul had been looking for a burial site that he thought contained a dragon. Eilian gave the party the same directions to the burial site that he had given Staul. 

In a brief walk around town, the characters also noted the major locations of the town: market area, stables, smithy (where the paladin ordered a bastard sword to be made in a week), a tower belonging to a sage named Valthrun, Bairwin's Grand Shoppe, the warrior guild, the temple to Avandra, and Lord Padraig's area. Unfortunately, most of the shops were closed. 

Winterhaven, Day 2 

After a good night's rest, the group headed for the burial site, figuring that Staul would be the easiest quest to finish. There they met a group of diggers led by a gnome named Agrid. While poking around the site, the party relaized that Agrid and co. may not be entirely helpful, and their suspicions were fully realized when a halfling leapt from hiding and pelted the paladin with bullets.  In the melee that followed, the cleric spent a good bit of time in a pit, Agrid lead the rogue on a merry chase around the dig site, the wizard was dogged by the halfling who seemed to avoid most of his spells while maintaining a constant barrage of sling bullets, and the paladin dealt with a guard drake and the four human diggers. In the end, though, the party was victorious, if rather wounded. They found Douven Staul stuffed in a trunk with the digging supplies, and he was quite glad for the rescue, telling the players that he believed this was the site of a dragon burial, but all he had found were bones, and no treasure. He gave the party his wife's locket as payment for his rescue. 

The gnome Agrid was also quite forthcoming with information, giving the group a mirror that he had unearthed and telling them that a dark robed man going by "K" had hired him in Fallcrest to come to the dig site and look for the mirror. The party stffed the guard drake in the trunk and marched the gnome back to Winterhaven where he was promptly imprisoned for kidnapping and theft.  

In Medias Res

The first session was played a couple of weeks ago, right after the rule books came out.

The adventure began with the players headed to the town of Winterhaven—either because they were sent by the emissaries of the Raven Queen to find Douven Staul or because Marla of the Church of Pelor sent them to investigate rumors of a death cult operating in the area, depending on the character.

 The party consists of four male characters: a dragonborn paladin of the Raven Queen named Torinn, an Eladrin rogue named Parin, an Eladrin wizard named Remmeke the Learned, and a dwarf cleric named Varrin the Wise.

 The party was walking along the road to Winterhaven when 4 kobolds came charging out of the underbrush. In the brief moment before battle was met, the characters remembered their first encounter with kobolds, only a couple of weeks prior:


Descending into the dungeons of a long-forgotten Nerathian keep, the party (brought together by familial ties, religion, and a quest from Fallcrest religious authorities to bring back a dragon hide stolen from a caravan which was sent to Fallcrest by Douven Staul to honor some agreement between Pelor and the Raven Queen) entered a dark cavern dominated by a pit filled with a greenish ooze. Before they could really get their bearings, they were set upon by kobolds, which were quickly dispatched. Further investigation of the dungeon found more kobolds and more ooze. Some of the more interesting rooms included a crypt with trapped suits of armor that fired poisoned darts; a strange gaming hall where kobolds played a game of Skull-Skull, attempting to knock skulls off tombs and stick them to a giant pendulum-like stone covered in a sticky goo; and a trapped room where the characters almost lost their first member to a darting drake, a kobold wyrmpriest, and a rolling boulder trap. However, their greatest danger came in the final room, where they faced Szartharrax, a young, but no less dangerous, white dragon. With the defender and the striker down, the cleric managed to deal the final blow to the dragon with his massive warhammer. The characters recovered the hide, some magic armor, and some coin…


Back on the road, the characters turned their concentration away from their first adventure, and back to the kobolds at hand, hoping that there wasn't another dragon at the end of the line… 


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