Remmeke the Learned

A broken-hearted wizard in search of a new life.



Ritual Casting

Armor Proficiency: Leather

Skill Focus: Perception



At Wills: Cold Ray, Scorching Blast

Level 1 Encounter:  Illusionary Ambush

Level 1 Daily:  Sleep, Flaming Sphere

Level 2 Utility:  Shield, Expeditous Retreat


When he fell in love with the half-elf Varmai, Remmeke the Learned left his Eladrin homeland.  After journeying to Varmai's homeland, Remmeke lived a happy if simple life, making his living as a tutor for the children of those who still cared about and could afford an education.  This existance was shattered when Varmai was killed during an infestation of undead.  After her death, Remmeke spent a month at the local shrine of the Raven Queen under the guidance of a holy person named Torinn.  When his time of mourning was finished, Remmeke desired a fresh start, so when Torinn offered him the chance to accompany him on a quest, Remmeke jumped at the chance.  He spent his last few days in the human city reading books on dungeoneering and now proudly claims the title of "professional adventurer."

Remmeke the Learned

By the Books Remmeke