By the Books

The End of the Keep

Finally done with that place

Winterhaven, Day 8-9 (campaign day 13-14)

 (To tell the truth, I waited too long to fill in this post, so it's gonna be brief.)

The party killed a bunch of hobgoblins, a ghoul, a gelatinous cube, and some other random assorted monsters before sliding down the blood soaked chains to the Portal room, where Kalarel worked feverishly to break the wards sealing this world from Orcus's portion of the Shadowfell. The battle with Kalarel was mostly easy for the group although they lost their cool in deciding which of the enemies to target, and there were a few moments where the group was quite scattered. But in the end, Kalarel was defeated and sucked into the Shadowfell by a shadowy tendril.

Remmeke used the mirror from the artifact dig site to repair the weakened elements of the seal, and the party headed back to Winterhaven. There they were given a heroes welcome, replete with speeches in their honor, shoulder-carries, and their monetary reward. As the festivities were winding down, Remmeke noticed a young man taking notes from the back of the crowd. Seeing that he was watched, he saluted Remmeke and slipped out of the town walls. 

After the ceremony, Remmeke was approached by Bairwin Wildarson, who asked if the group was still interested in doing some courier service for him to the Seven-Pillared Hall in Thunderspire Mountain. Remmeke said that he was, and Bariwin told him that he needed a box (about the size of a dagger case) carried to a contact in the Hall who woulld then trade another item to the party to return to Bairwin. He made it clear that the box should not be opened. Remmeke's response was that the box might wind up opened if the party weren't paid enough, and Bairwin angrily took the box back and said that he would find a more trustworthy courier.

The party headed back to Fallcrest to report back to the priest of Pelor and to do some shopping for the ritual necessary to create magic items. (Should take us up to campaign day 18 or so.)



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