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Kobold Hunting

Irontooth's Only a Goblin?

Winterhaven, Day 3

Our adventurers set out from Winterhaven to find the kobold lair. Shortly after leaving the town, however, they were once again set upon by kobold ambushers. As they attacked, they yelled out "This is for Isnaak, Garzak, Zzigniz and the others!" During the fight, which went hard against the group, the kobolds cheered each other on, reminding each other that death here was preferable to death at the hands of Irontooth. The battle went against the group for most of the fight, but they were finally able to pull out a victory in the end (but not without blowing most of their dailies).

They opted to return to Winterhaven and rest for another day rather than chance facing another ambush. Upon their arrival in town, the townspeople were rather shocked to see such brave, well-equipped adventurers come back into town, bloody and dented, less than an hour after their departure. Weathering the sidelong glances and behind-the-hand smirks, the adventurers rested up. Remmeke asked around town about anyone seen leaving the town before or at dawn, but the guards said they hadn't seen anyone. 

Winterhaven, Day 4

 Rested again, the party headed out towards what they hoped was the kobold lair. Around noon, they finally heard the rushing water of a waterfall and some stealthy reconaissance by Parin revealed the entrance to the lair behind a waterfall and guarded by about 10 kobolds. Hoping for the element of surprise to be on their side for a change, the group skirted to the edge of the cliffs and tried to sneak towards the kobolds. Covered by the sound of the rushing water, their approach was unheard, but Varrin's movement through the underbrush resembled an elephant charge, and one of the kobolds saw their approach. He wasn't able to sound the alarm though before the group was upon him. In the next few rounds, the party easily dispatched the guards, renewing their confidence in their ability to kill kobolds.

Through the waterfall, the group found a cave and more kobolds. Over three rounds, the party whittled away the kobolds, and then Irontooth, a dual-battle-axe-wielding goblin and his lieutenants entered the fray. Over a few more tense rounds, with Parin playing jack-in-the-box, popping up from healing only to be beaten down again by Irontooth, the party fought. They finally prevailed, with Parin throwing shuriken at the slowed, enraged goblin.

In his stash, they found a mound of gold and a suit of dwarven chainmail. They also found a locked scroll case, which Parin picked. Inside there was a note from someone named Kalarel written to Irontooth:

"My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter; in just a few more days, I'll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven's people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding."

To which Remmeke replied, "I think we should leave Winterhaven."

(The party heads back to town.) 


Two of our PCs died in this encounter. We did forget about Action Points, plus we’re still new to the rules, but this encounter seemed pretty tough, especially considering the surprise round for the kobolds. In that surprise round I was able to drop the incite courage (or whatever) from the wyrmpriest and power up a couple of the dragonshields.

Was it just me, or did the dragonshields have a ton of hit points, and really high to-hit bonuses? Man, they were tough!

Kobold Hunting

I’ve seen a number of people in forums talk about the deadliness of a number of these encounters, but so far no actual deaths in our group. We only have 4 players, and I’ve rescaled the fights so they are still the same difficulty for our party instead of a party of five. (But I have a sneaky suspicion that scaled for 4 isn’t as difficult as scaled for 5, no matter what the numbers say. That may just have to do with how I scale.) But you’re right, dragonshields are beefy.

Kobold Hunting

I enjoyed the two encounters tonight more than any others thus far (except maybe the dragon). They certainly seemed challenging which is a good thing. I can see how people would say the Irontooth encounter was deadly. If the caster hadn’t succumbed to sleep and Ironooth hadn’t spent a lot of the fight weakened/blinded, we would have been in real trouble last night. As it was, our pally was down, and there was no healing left. Good times!

Now we just have to locate the spy!

Kobold Hunting

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